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Organizing Final Graduation Details

5 Things to Make Sure Are In Order Before the Big Day

While you’ve probably taken care of most things by this stage of planning, there are some additional items to consider before graduation day. The graduation ceremony will occur soon. Now is the time to organize final graduation details that will make this day so memorable.

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Student Graduate List and Diploma Order

When preparing your list of soon-to-be graduates, it’s important to organize each area of study in alphabetical order. Then you want to record the students in alphabetical order per class.

Then make sure you have listed students receiving prestigious awards such as Valedictorian, Salutatorian, etc. in alphabetical order to announce at the beginning of the ceremony.

Give high awards at the start of the ceremony. However, this will alter the alphabetical order. Some schools hand out these additional awards before the ceremony so that students are already wearing the honorary cords and stoles for their walk across the stage. It’s much smoother to recognize the student’s special achievements during their walk than to call on them separately or distribute them on stage.


Diplomas are traditionally given out in alphabetical order. Confirm the method your school will use if you’re doing something different.

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Identify Honor Students

As mentioned, acknowledging high honor students will allow them to receive their regalia for when they move their tassel if this is how your